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2020 Reboot - CoEd Quad Lottery - Let's Start Over

Posted 2 years ago
Posted by nathangross 2 years ago


CoEd Quad Volleyball Lottery - Let's do a Reboot. Maybe unplug 2020, plug it back in and start all over! 

Sign up Single
Every team gets a ticket to turn in for their own 1 topping pizza. 

Register by July 1st and share event  to be in our drawing to win a new AVP ball and AVP t-shirt

$600 for First with 80 players
$800 for First with 100 players
$1000 for First with 120 players

T-shirt give-aways, fun, $$$, competition! 

Register 3 different ways:
Sign up on this Facebook page
Text Lou 859-801-3952 OR
Text Heather 513-238-2113
We accept registrations the day of. 

Pay 2 different ways: $25 a player
Provide Credit Card Info in the days before - We will run at 3:00 p.m. on game day
We prefer Venmo. Please do that before you arrive. 

For a CoEd Quad Lottery, we divide everyone according to gender/level. We blind draw everyone onto a Coed team. 
This provides the best possible way to ensure the majority teams are evenly constructed. 

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